Private Label Allograft Tissue and Contract Manufacturing

We are dedicated to working with customers to develop innovative, value-added products.

Turnkey Services


We offer private-label allograft opportunities for customers across a broad range of  products & markets.


We can create custom allograft implants, work with customer’s proprietary designs, and provide engineering & validation support to develop new products


We have technology transfer expertise to easily scale-up production with high-quality standards


We can provide customers with inventory management services and ship on demand

Expand Your Offering with Allograft Tissue

Private Label & Custom Allograft Opportunities

We offer a unique opportunity to seamlessly diversify and enhance your portfolio with allograft tissue. We collaborate with medical manufacturing and distribution companies to provide private-label and proprietary allograft opportunities, and contract manufacturing capabilities across a variety of market segments, including Spine, Sports Medicine, Orthopedics, Trauma, Dental and Wound Care. Our innovative allografts empower you to broaden your offering and elevate your presence in the market, while maintaining the integrity of your own distinctive brand.

At Pinnacle, we provide customers and healthcare professionals with allograft implants they can trust.  From tissue recovery through processing, we adhere to stringent quality standards and validated sterilization processes to ensure allograft safety.


Allograft Portfolio

Spine Allografts

Precision-machined grafts, demineralized bone matrix/fibers (DBM/DBF) and allograft chips

Sports Medicine Allografts

Soft tissue allografts, with and without bone

Wound Care Allografts

Biological overlay for wound healing

Orthopedics Allografts

Versatile solutions for a wide array of orthopedic applications

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Pinnacle is committed to honoring the gift of donation and improving patient’s quality of life through the processing and distribution of high-quality allograft implants.

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