PalinGen® Dual Layer X-Membrane (Dry)

PalinGen Dual Layer Amniotic Membranes provide a protective barrier and extracellular matrix scaffold to support a wound during healing.
  • Placental Tissue Allograft: Derived from human amniotic membrane
  • Dual-Layer: Two layers of amniotic tissue provide 2x the growth factors
  • Easy to Use: Thicker graft facilitates handling in robotic and laparoscopic surgical procedures
  • Surgical Barrier: Designed for scar tissue and inflammation reduction potential
  • Easy Placement: Dual layer allows placement of the graft on either side, eliminating orientation restrictions in surgical repair
  • Chorion Free: Immune privileged, reducing the risk of adverse reaction
  • Biomechanical Integrity: Offers greater tensile strength, shape manipulation, and slower resorption in vivo*
  • Convenient: Stored at room temperature with a 5-year shelf life
  • Safe: Terminally sterilized to ensure patient safety, achieving a sterility assurance level (SAL) of 10-6

PalinGen® Dual Layer X-Membrane (Dry)

Product Description
Size (L x W)
Product Code
PalinGen® Dual Layer X-Membrane

2 x 3cm
4 x 4cm
4 x 6cm
4 x 8cm


*Spoerl, et al. Ophthalmic Research (2004)

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