Evoke® Demineralized Bone Fibers

Evoke Demineralized Bone Fibers are a bone graft substitute intended for homologous use in the repair, replacement, or reconstruction of bony defects, such as bone voids or gaps of the skeletal system.
  • 100% Allograft Bone: Demineralized cortical bone fibers offer putty-like handling characteristics without the use of a carrier
  • Elongated Fibers: Long interlocking fibers provide increased surface area and a scaffold for cellular attachment and proliferation
  • Rapid Rehydration: Hydrates within minutes and can be rehydrated with BMA, PRP, blood or saline
  • Fluid Retention & Expansion: Fiber retains fluid and quickly expands to fill bone voids and conform to patient anatomy
  • Excellent Handling: Fibrous connection provides a robust, cohesive consistency that easily molds, shapes, and resists irrigation
  • Osteoinductive Potential: Proprietary demineralization process designed to provide osteoinductive (OI) potential*
  • Convenient: Stored at room temperature with a 5-year shelf life for convenient distribution and storage
  • Safe: Terminally sterilized to ensure patient safety, achieving a sterility assurance level (SAL) of 10-6

EvokeTM Demineralized Bone Fibers

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EvokeTM Demineralized Bone Fibers​



*Data on File. Pinnacle Transplant Technologies

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