Associate Story: Bruce King

Bruce King

Bruce King just wasn’t ready to retire.

After working for a preeminent chemical company for more than three decades, Bruce moved to Arizona to be closer to family but soon had the itch to return to work. And thanks to a former colleague, he was made aware of an opportunity to apply his chemistry background as a manufacturing engineer for Pinnacle Transplant Technologies in Phoenix.

“I never knew that a company like Pinnacle existed. It is very different from a job you would expect a chemist to be doing, but there is a great deal of chemistry involved in the processes,” he said.

His day-to-day role includes improving current processes and assisting in the introduction of new processes and products for the regenerative medical company. But he has also been able to use his extensive experience to innovate in the area of cleaning validations as well as enhance productivity in bone demineralization. Along with his professional attitude, it is no surprise that Bruce was recently named “Associate of the Month” for March.

Here is what his colleagues had to say about him:

“Bruce is professional, friendly and diligent in his work. He is extremely reliable and dependable. He has proven that when a project is assigned to him, he investigates all required tasks to identify estimate times for completion. He then utilizes the knowledge gained to apply solid target dates for implementation while at the same time creating time within his schedules in the event engineering failures occur.”

At the end of the day, it all comes back to the company’s purpose for Bruce.

“The work is challenging and rewarding for an old chemist, especially knowing that what I do is making a difference for people,” he said.

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