Associate Story: Frank Petty

Frank Petty, PTTFrank Petty sure hit a home run for his first job out of school when he joined Pinnacle Transplant Technologies as its research and development associate in 2016. Having graduated from Arizona State University with a Master’s in Biomedical Engineering, he immediately loved the challenges and opportunities that the regenerative medical company provided.

“Every day is different,” he said. “I can come in one day and work on developing a new method for adult bone marrow stem cell isolation and the next day I’m working on the best way to prepare donated skin to help in reconstructive surgeries.”

His fellow associates have also taken notice, which is why he earned the title of “Associate of the Month” for October.

“Frank is a great scientist—he likes to learn new stuff every day,” one of his colleagues said. “Since his arrival, his job responsibilities and tasks have been increased because of his reliability and ability to get things done effectively. He enjoys being challenged in the lab and always looks for improvement on his experiments or the products he is developing.”

And Frank never loses sight of the larger purpose behind his work.

“Pinnacle Transplant Technologies has extremely high expectations of its employees,” he said. “It makes sense because the work I do here takes one of the most precious gifts that a person can give, their body, and finds new ways to help those who are currently in need.”

“That comes with a lot of pressure, but it has pushed me further than what I thought was possible,” he added.

We’re certainly thrilled he is part of our team. Congratulations Frank!