Associate Story: Ruth Diaz

Congratulations to our Processing Technician, Ruth Diaz, who was named Pinnacle Transplant Technologies’ “Associate of the Month” for March! “Ruth is extremely reliable and always willing to help guide and teach associates,” company leadership said. “She is willing to go above and beyond the normal requirements to ...


Associate Story: Cathy Berg

If her past job history is any indication, Cathy Berg has developed a clear passion and skill set in accounting, from her time in the automotive industry, owning her own custom cabinet shop for more than a decade to 15 years in the X-Ray equipment industry. Today, she makes an ...


Associate Story: Chelsea Biondolillo

As an award-winning freelance writer and journalist, Chelsea Biondolillo has enjoyed some impressive professional accolades over the years. However, she also recognized that these career choices were unlikely to yield the professional stability she wanted in her life, so she set out for a new challenge. This ultimately ...


It is an incredibly exciting day as a professional when you get the opportunity to take on a brand new role, not just for you but for a company as well, and immediately make a significant impact. Casey Goldman took on that exact challenge when he joined Pinnacle Transplant Technologies ...


Imagine coming from halfway around the world to work for a premier U.S. business while simultaneously adjusting to a new culture, work environment, and way of living. That is exactly how things transpired for Danielle Cox when she joined Pinnacle Transplant Technologies as its Quality System Associate III earlier this ...


Some people are truly made for the careers they take on, both in terms of the skills and abilities they possess as well as the broader alignment with their personal and professional values. Mohammad Albanna, Senior Manager of Research & Development (R&D) at Pinnacle Transplant Technologies, is one such professional ...


Many of us have experienced the desire to seek out new professional challenges; to identify a new role that can advance our skill sets as well as our careers; to ultimately take on something that both scares and exhilarates us. That is exactly the path that Joanne Ventura took ...


As Pinnacle Transplant Technologies scaled from a growing startup to an industry player, we were faced with unique challenges related to our burgeoning company culture. Specifically, we needed to establish a nurturing and engaging environment for our associates that would not only recruit and retain great talent but also that would breed success for our ...


The inspiring impact of Pinnacle Transplant Technologies has a deep, personal meaning for its Quality Systems Manager Theresa Remtula. As a medical professional for her entire career, she found herself on the other side of the surgical knife in 2007 after injuring her knee during a karate class. Her doctor confirmed that ...