Associate Story: Joanne Lucero

PTT Joanne Lucero

Congratulations to our December 2018 Associate of the Month, Joanne Lucero! Your commitment to PTT and collaborative spirit are a tremendous asset! Here is what Joanne’s coworkers had to say:

“Over the past few months Joanne was left to handle a lot of quality assurance (QA) work with minimal assistance. A month ago what help Joanne had with running QA functions, including Document Control, Environmental Monitoring and CAPA, also meant running the systems herself. Joanne cross-trained on all QA functions in order to have the skills and knowledge to perform functions that were not part of her job. She stepped in and did what needed to be done without hesitation.

“Joanne has shown that she collaborates with others by working to route DCRS needed to meet project and customer needs even though this is not her job. She has provided excellent customer service to internal and external customers, ensuring their concerns are addressed in a timely manner while ensuring her routine job tasks are completed. Joanne has worked with Production to ensure Environmental Monitoring continues. She identified what needs were not being met in Environmental monitoring due to short staff and sought out Production personnel to assist in ensuring we meet this key regulatory requirement. Even with the extra tasks and workload until new QA associates start, Joanne has maintained a positive attitude and continued to come in to work every day without complaining and ready to face whatever challenges arise from the short staffing issues.”

Thanks for all of your efforts, Joanne, and enjoy the recognition!