Associate Story: Leandra Watson

Leandra Watson

It is often a great joy to be able to make your professional mark on a company, particularly when it involves the maximization of your passion and skills. Leandra Watson has helped build something special as the Human Resources Manager at Pinnacle Transplant Technologies, a leading company in regenerative medicine.

Having previously logged seven years of human resources experience, Leandra joined Pinnacle at a critical point in the company’s growth. Like other maturing businesses, PTT needed top professionals to help create sustainable momentum in their staffing strategy.

“When I first started, there was not an HR department or any concrete processes, so I was able to build it from the ground level,” she said. “It was exciting and challenging to create the program and structure the department.”

In addition to handling associate recruiting and employee relations, she recently assumed training responsibilities and is excited about the positive impact she and her team are having in that area.

Leandra’s colleagues have also taken notice of her efforts in cultivating these training initiatives as well as her general ability to support PTT associates. As a result, she was named Associate of the Month for August.

“Leandra picked up the training program with little guidance and implemented a system that will be light years of improvement from where we were,” one of her colleague’s acknowledged. “In addition, she manages to create a safe place for associates to voice concerns or issues they may be having and tenaciously attacks assignments—all with efficiency and the improvement of PTT in mind.”

Still, the mission of the company is never lost on her.

“I get to be part of something that is much larger than me and is playing a role in improving lives. That’s really meaningful.”

Congratulations Leandra!