Associate Story: Karri Wille

Associate of the MonthWe wanted to recognize one of our associates, Karri Wille, who was named our Associate of the Month for July 2017. We like to recognize those individuals at Pinnacle Transplant Technologies who display incredible competency in their role and exemplify our values as a company. Here is what Karri’s colleagues had to say about her:

“Karri has an excellent working relationship with our Recovery agencies. She is always quick to answer any questions or emails from them. For example when Labs has an issue with a requisition, Karri will contact the agency and get the issue resolved for Labs. Karri has stepped up and done an exceptional job in filling her additional responsibilities in the last month. Karri is always cheerful; her great attitude is contagious and helps everyone feel better. She truly is a fantastic associate and friend.”

Congratulations again, Karri!