Associate Story: Tyler McCusker

Tyler McCusker-PTTTyler McCusker has been given professional purpose through his position at Pinnacle Transplant Technologies. Currently, Tyler works in the shipping and receiving department where he thrives with his many responsibilities, and he has even taken on more of a lead role in the warehouse as a result of his excellent demeanor and work ethic. However, it has not always been that easy for him.

“Before Pinnacle I worked for a couple months at a restaurant and quickly found that was not for me,” he said. “After that, I managed to get a job at a major retailer for two years, but ultimately I was so young and inexperienced.”

But everything changed when his brother let him know about an open position in receiving at PTT, one of the nation’s leading tissue banks. Now, he calls it the “greatest opportunity” he has had thus far in his professional career. He especially takes tremendous pride in knowing the value that the company’s products have on people across the world.

“The most satisfying part of my job is knowing that everything we do as a company is geared towards helping someone in great need. It has always been a dream of mine to help people that are in pain or discomfort in any way I can.”

“Working for Pinnacle has been an honor and a privilege, I love everything I do here and what we stand for,” he added.

Tyler also expresses his profound respect for the culture that Pinnacle has developed for its associates. He cites the willingness of his colleagues at all levels—including company leadership—to pitch in and recognizes that it is truly like a “big family” for everybody. This has further inspired him in his role to encourage his co-workers and help them with the daily challenges they face. It is this amazing environment that has allowed him to flourish as a young professional.

“I’ve learned many lessons that have made me a better person and employee. Since I have started working here I have noticed nothing but a substantial improvement in my critical thinking, my ability to manage stress, and my prioritization skills,” he said.

And he hopes he gets to experience the wonder of Pinnacle for years to come.

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