Associate Story: Chelsea Biondolillo

Chelsea BiondolilloAs an award-winning freelance writer and journalist, Chelsea Biondolillo has enjoyed some impressive professional accolades over the years. However, she also recognized that these career choices were unlikely to yield the professional stability she wanted in her life, so she set out for a new challenge.

This ultimately led her to Pinnacle Transplant Technologies, where she joined the company as a technical writer in June of this year.

In her role, Chelsea spends a significant amount of time reading regulations and translating them into work instructions for the company’s associates. She investigates the methods and materials that Pinnacle uses to ensure it is compliant with all the latest standards and recommendations from variety of agencies, such as the FDA, AATB, ISO, and others.

Furthermore, she works closely with the quality team to draft policies and procedures as well as update internal systems, all of which ensures the company continues to work toward its quality mission. In fact, she was recently recognized as the “Associate of the Month” for October, primarily because of this ability to work with multiple departments to solve problems.

“It’s wonderful to know that I’m contributing to processes that will ultimately mean more people can be helped by tissue donations,” she said.

And it is this purposeful collaboration with her coworkers that continues to motivate Chelsea each and every day.

“Everyone has a part in this process. From the families who donate such a generous gift, to the associates who turn that gift into allografts for surgeons and doctors and their patients, plus the galaxy of support and administrative staff who make sure that the entire process is compliant, compassionate, and replicable.”

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