Associate Story: Casey Goldman, Maintenance Technician

Casey-Goldman-AssociateIt is an incredibly exciting day as a professional when you get the opportunity to take on a brand new role, not just for you but for a company as well, and immediately make a significant impact. Casey Goldman took on that exact challenge when he joined Pinnacle Transplant Technologies as its Maintenance Technician.

Casey has vitally important duties at Pinnacle. Utilizing his strong experience in the biosciences—which included designing and fabricating class I medical devices for a small company in San Jose, California—his main responsibilities center around ensuring equipment meets production and quality standards. This includes preventative maintenance and other equipment-related tasks such as validations and calibrations. When he is not working on equipment, his hours go toward exploring opportunities to maximize the quality of tools and workspaces through special projects. And it is the project-based nature of his work that he enjoys most of all.

“Successfully executing a project frequently requires a lot of planning—but more than planning, a lot of foresight and coordination. Getting to the end of that process when the objective is achieved is [quite] rewarding.”

Luckily for Casey, he has a sense of humor as well.

“Discovering a problem or an opportunity is volunteering to address the problem or opportunity. Write this on a stone tablet and place it in the town square,” he quipped.

But at the end of the day, his professionalism does not go unnoticed, which is why he was named the company’s Associate of the Month for September. The following statement is from one of his team members in recognition of the honor:

“Casey is very professional when dealing with Pinnacle vendors. His constant reliability and drive to take care of equipment issues, calibrations, etc. shows his dedication to his job and [the company]. Casey is always willing to assist his co-workers if needed, and he always has a positive and friendly demeanor. He works tirelessly and is one of the most dependable co-workers that I’ve ever had. Casey takes initiative to improve processes, has an endless workflow, and he still remains positive and professional.”

Congratulations Casey Goldman on being our Associate of the Month!

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