Associate Story: Dr. Mohammad Albanna, Senior Manager of Research & Development

Dr Mohammad AlbannaSome people are truly made for the careers they take on, both in terms of the skills and abilities they possess as well as the broader alignment with their personal and professional values. Mohammad Albanna, Senior Manager of Research & Development (R&D) at Pinnacle Transplant Technologies, is one such professional that can honestly say he is a perfect fit for his industry.

Mohammad has spent his entire career in regenerative medicine. Prior to joining the Pinnacle team, Mohammad co-managed the medical device accelerator for Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center and Wake Forest University. It was there that he worked with physicians and faculty with different backgrounds and expertise to develop medical devices and commercialize them into medical device companies. Before that, he received his postdoctoral training under some of the pioneers in the field at the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, where he helped successfully develop a skin bioprinter to treat extensive burn injuries for wounded servicemen and women; today, that technology is being evaluated in clinical trials as a result of their efforts. Mohammad and his team received the 2013 Thomas Edison Gold Award in Innovation for their Bioprinting work. Mohammad still holds a faculty position in the department of General Surgery as an adjunct Assistant Professor of Surgery at the School of Medicine at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center.

Mohammad’s PhD work focused on Cardiovascular Tissue Engineering and applications of stem cells and biomaterials in Regenerative Medicine. He holds dual master degrees in Biomedical Engineering and Electrical & Computer Engineering. He authored several peer-reviewed papers, book chapters, edited the first book in the field on Skin Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine, and has several patent pending applications. Given his background, Pinnacle Transplant Technologies became a logical next step.

“Working in the regenerative medicine field is what I wanted for my career,” he said. “I firmly believe that the future will center around innovative technologies and being part of it from the beginning is great.”

Now, in his role as Senior Manager of Research & Development, he dedicates himself to supporting Pinnacle’s allograft products from a scientific standpoint and collaborates with physicians and researchers around the world to come up with unique products that address unmet clinical needs in several specialties. Each of these products – inspired from the wonderful gift of bone and tissue donation – are intended to improve a patient’s quality of life, which further drives Mohammad’s passion for his work.

“Every morning, I remind myself that someone made a decision to help others by donating his or her tissue which is a noble thing. Appreciating that gift and being challenged to use it innovatively is a very satisfying and priceless experience.”

Mohammad is excited about his future with Pinnacle. He noted that company is currently hiring scientists for its lab in order to “start working on several products that [it hopes] to deliver to surgeons in the very near future.” And it is precisely that innovation that continues to motivate him each and every day.

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